Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of spring break was a lovely wet day in Portland.
I started the day back at work. You know how teachers are, they can't leave work at work, even during vacation. We interviewed three potential candidates for our 8th grade class. We chose a person I believe will be great, only time will tell for sure.

Then I took my niece and children to lunch someplace fun. I mean really, where else can you eat in a room filled with fairies, trees, owls, elves, nymphs, dragons, and other wonderful things. The food was great (and gluten free). They even came and read us a story while we ate. Now THAT'S service.

While I was there, I hid a letterbox. I've been wanting to hide a box there for a very long time and today was the day. The business does NOT know about this box. (Primarily because the owner wasn't there for me to ask.) If this bothers you, I apologize and you certainly do not have to go look for this one. If this does not bother you, then take your appetite and head down to Milwaukie.

Hopefully you will be seated downstairs and hopefully there won't be anyone else there. I was there on a Monday at lunch time and we were the only ones in the whole building. When the chance arrives, feel under Mother Goose for a little Sock Monkey that stowed away. He decided this place of wonder and joy was much more fun than my craft room or even riding around in my car.

He was carved by Penguin Patrol and sent to Oregon via a stamp swap on the AQ boards. Be sure to drop her an email and let her know you enjoyed it.

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