Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of the greatest holidays. I love to take the children out trick or treating and just people watch. It fascinates me to see the different costumes, the age range of trick or treaters and to see if I can discern what trends correlate to other trends.

For example, this year there were twice as many people out trick or treating than I've seen in the 7 years we've lived in this house. I identified several variables, some of which were:
  • the economy

  • the weather
  • new housing built in the area

  • word of mouth advertising of the quality of hand outs in the area

Of these, I think the weather had the largest impact. This is the first year that it has not rained or been so cold that you couldn't see the costumes due to jackets, scarves, and gloves.

There was a huge variety in costumes, from your typical fairies and angels...

to penguins...

to Greek Goddesses. Can you name this Greek Goddess? If so, let Lady Macbeth know and she has a special stamp for you :)

I hope your Halloween was as much fun as ours!